• Parallelism: Open MP, Cuda, Intel compilers…
  • Languages: C++, Python, Fortran
  • IHM: QT, OpenGL

Example of development of a goalline technology based on lidar detection. More details on the video below and on:


Simulation studies in electromagnetic fields applied to military and telecoms domains (EMC, Jamming, DAS, propagation, antennas, RCS..).

Our tool: CST Microwave studio/ Global Mapper/ 4NEC2

CST gwagenn

Example of antenna on board military vehicles.


Radiofrequency measurement in military and civilian domain (wifi, GSM…).

Our tools: RF source and spectrum analyzer

Example of measurement of the TNT signal at the Saint-Pern site (474 MHz)



  • Electronic warfare
  • Jammers (Thales, Bull, Arine, …)
  • Radiocom (PR4G, CONTACT, FELIN)
  • Radionavigation (GPS, DAGR, PLGR)
  • Frequency regulation (ANFR, UIT)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility ( MIL-STD, EUROCAE, GAM-T17)


  • Asymptotic methods. Consult our academic courses.
  • Coverage optimization, hotspots
  • Frequency planning, antenna position optimization
  • QoS improvement
  • Standards: GSM, 3G/4G, WIFI, TETRAPOL, PMR
  • 3D CAO (photogrammetry, laser)


Gwagenn proposes formation on:

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