Gwagenn is specialized in electromagnetics applied to both military and civilian purposes.

Gwagenn was created on November 13th, 2015 in Brittany (France) by the french electromagnetics expert Dr. Jean-François Legendre.

The company addresses the following strategic business sectors:

As an expert of the field, Gwagenn also offers engineer level classes:


Jean-François LEGENDRE, Ph.D., currently works at GWAGENN SAS (www.gwagenn.com), mostly focusing on R&D and system engineering activities. He joined the Ministry of Defense from 2009 to 2015 as E3 (electromagnetic environmental expertise) Expert. Prior to that, he held positions of increasing responsibility in the areas of scientific software development, radio wave propagation prediction, GIS and photogrammetry, FAP (frequency assignment problems) problems and signal processing, and has experience with most operational research methods. He holds a Ph.D. in signal processing and a M.Sc. in radio communications from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Rennes.

Dr. Jean-François Legendre ©FanchGALIVEL




















SFLD was created in 1991. As a venture capital company, the mission of the SFLD is to invest in companies in the Morbihan department in order to increase the capacity for innovation, promote their transmission, accelerate their development, and thus improve their competitiveness and economic growth while generating a return ensuring the continuity of its action.

The SFLD is led by:
• Chairman: Hervé CUVELIER
• Director: Bruno LE JOSSEC
• Executive Assistant: Marina RIEUX

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