Gwagenn is specialized in electromagnetics applied to both military and civilian purposes.

GWAGENN was created in 2015 by the french electromagnetics expert Dr Jean-François Legendre.

The company adresses the following strategic business sectors:

As an expert of the field, Gwagenn also offers engineer level classes:

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In june 2017, Gwagenn was labellised by Pôle Image et Réseau.

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In december 2017, Gwagenn succeeded in raising up to 300K€ to pursue its Research and Development program.

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In July 2016, Gwagenn became a member of Emergys, a french innovative start-up incubator.

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In december, Gwagenn was awarded the first prize in the Cyber West Challenge competition.

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GWAGENN was created on november 13th, 2015, in Brittany, France.





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